Looking for dinner & cocktails in Wynwood? Look no further than GK Bistronomie!

I was given the address to GK Bistronomie, I turned on 25th street and drove passed the location twice.  I drove back around with a bit more concentration and this small long galley way called my name with a bar at the end, perfectly adorned with infusions and apothecary bottles.

I knew I was in the right place.

All the time, we are asked about bars and a place for dinner and drinks.  We finally found ours in Wynwood.

GK Bistronomie is a modern Peruvian restaurant that is the brainchild of Chef Rafael Perez Cambana.

He wasted no time in finding the right barman to create his cocktails, and they didn’t disappoint.

Jossímar Luján comes by way of Peru specifically to create this menu, from La Casona del Pisco, which is considered one of the best bars in Arequipa.  He previously worked with the owners on other projects and that’s how he found his way to Wynwood.  What has come from it, is creative cocktails with deep knowledge on Peru’s native spirit, Pisco.  Jossímar welcomed us with a smile and some great knowledge on his creations here at GK Bistronomie.


The cocktail menu is split into two sections:  GKB Cocktails which are original cocktails made by Jossímar. The other section is Sours & Chilcanos, an ode to the more traditional cocktails in Peru with a twist.


For those that don’t know, the Pisco Sour is the spirit’s most popular cocktail.  These sours are popping up in menus all over the United States as Pisco continues to grow in popularity.  The Chilcano is a traditional Peruvian cocktail made up of ginger ale, bitters, lime juice and Pisco (Pro tip:  If you like a Moscow Mule, you’ll love this South American take).

Here are Spirited Miami’s favorites:

Wynwood Sahumerio
Absolut Elyx, starfruit, orange darjeeling, chamomile
*Yuzu essence on dry ice for sensory experience


Queen Mayra
Absolut Pear, Passion fruit, Celery, Ylang Ylang
*Torched cinnamon with dandelion oil


Linda Paloma
Casamigos Tequila, Pisco infused with ginger, pear & green tea, orange, fresh squeezed lime, fresh pineapple, indian spices
*Smoked carrot garnish


Gin 209, lime-infused Pisco, Torrontes, pineapple, blackberry, ginger, viola odorata
*Viola odorata is also known as violet


Lime Redemption
Redemption Rye, orange-infused pisco, fresh squeezed lime, strawberry, all-spice, black pepper, dill, spearmint


Looking for a fresh take on Peruvian food with cocktails that think outside of the box, spend an evening in GK Bistronomie, it won’t disappoint.

GK Bistronomie
218 NW 25TH ST
MIAMI, FL 33127