Spirited Miami tries East Imperial Superior Beverages with delicious recipes inside!

We here in Miami don’t see the seasons change much so when we talk about a gin & tonic, it is a year round occasion.

We got our hands on some East Imperial Superior Beverages and they did not disappoint.  This beverage company has made its way to South Florida all the way from New Zealand.

A little about East Imperial Beverages:
“The East Imperial story began with passion. A passion to put the tradition back into tonic water. Inspired by a family recipe from 1903, we tracked down the original, handpicked ingredients. Wanting to keep production traditional as well, we designed a small batch production method and a cold filling process, just like they used back in 1903. We then worked with the best bartenders from across Asia and the most skilled distillers from all over the world to create the highest quality range of mixers on the market.”

East Imperial carries two types of tonic water, a ginger beer, and a soda water.  The whole line is very light and refreshing, perfect for the South Florida heat.

At East Imperial they use only the purest ingredients sourced from Asia and East Africa, which is the home of the original tonic water.  The cinchona (which gives tonic its unique flavor) is sourced from the same Indonesian plantation that was used to supply one of the founder’s great great grandfathers at his Kenya plantation in 1903.

We made some cocktail and also tasted them on their own.  Here are our recommendations:

East Imperial Tonic Water
Notes:  All ingredients from Asia,  half the sugar of other tonic waters.

Miami G&T
East Imperial Tonic Water, Ford’s Gin, Guava and Mint


East Imperial Burma Tonic Water
Notes:  Created with a distinctive taste to recreate the century old tradition of Long Pink Gins made famous at the Pegu Club in Rangoon, Burma.  Add bitters to this one.  This one has double the natural cane sugar as the East Imperial Tonic Water and the highest quinine levels in the market.   Notes of lemongrass and lime.

The Burma Burma
Bombay Sapphire East, Lemon Peel, Angostura Bitters, Szechuan Peppercorns, Dried Takanotsume


East Imperial Mombasa Ginger Beer
Notes:  Brewing process takes three days using gingers from East Africa and East Asia.  Less sugar than other ginger beers with long lasting ginger spice.

Mombasa Rain
East Imperial Mombasa Ginger Beer, Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark Rum, Lime


East Imperial Soda Water
Notes:  Water is sustainably sourced from an artesian spring located in Nelson, in the South Island of New Zealand.

Reyka Dilly
East Imperial Soda Water, Reyka Vodka, Dill, Lime


East Imperial Superior Beverages can now be found in South Florida!