Trash Tiki to land in Miami, here is why we’re excited!

You’re probably wondering what the word Trash x Tiki and a cocktail in hand signify to you.  To the folks at Trash Tiki, it’s a movement.  The website loosely explains it as a platform to raise awareness about waste in the food & drink industry.  What have they done about it? They’re on tour traveling the world talking to bartenders and guests about waste and how that translates into your cocktail.

The folks at the 86 Co. were gracious enough to invite us to their party at the Ace Hotel during Tales of the Cocktail and sure enough, nothing went to waste.  The cups?  Old shaker tins.  The coasters?  Repurposed cardboard.

“Trash Tiki is a pop up and online platform that seeks to create all ingredients for a tiki bar, from off cuts, unsold products and other raw materials otherwise destined for the bin.”

The founders, Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths, have taken it upon themselves to educate and have fun while doing it.  The website doesn’t mince words.


And for that we fuckin’ thank you!  See you at The Anderson, August 2nd – 4th as the folks from Trash Tiki take residence courtesy of the 86 co.


The Anderson
709 NE 79th St
Miami, FL 33138