Ashley Danella wins Miami’s Viva Sangrita Competition, heads to New Orleans to compete in the national final!

This Sunday, Blackbird Ordinary, held Tequila Ocho’s annual ‘Viva Sangrita‘ competition.

The ‘Viva Sangrita’ competition is (from the website):

Sangrita is a seamless blending of tart, sweet, spicy, and savory. When made with love, imagination, and paired with the right tequila, it becomes a ritual, and is a transcendent drink experience. We believe this pairing is the best way to enjoy Tequila Ocho.

We task you with this: Craft your finest, original, terroir-driven thought and palate provoking Sangrita to pair with one of the Tequila Ocho current releases. Your options are any of the expressions and vintages that are currently available in your market. You are not restricted to the traditional recipes for Sangrita. Rather, we encourage you to think outside the box. Be innovative or traditional, while using the parameter of the collective, tart, sweet, spicy, and savory as your only guideline.

Bartenders were tasked with creating a Sangrita to go with one of the marques in Tequila Ocho’s portfolio.

At the end, Ashley Danella came out on top as a national finalist, who will be representing the South Florida region in New Orleans, July 2015.  “The VIVA SANGRITA!! National Champion in New Orleans will be escorted south, to the highlands of Jalisco, to visit the home of Tequila Ocho and experience all this amazing spirit has to offer, in the place of its birth.”

Congratulations Ashley!