Bar Libertine wants you to have a cocktail at any hour, any day, any time. Stays open 24 hours.

Bar Libertine, as we like to call it (it has a nice ring to it), is the newly christened bar in Downtown Miami, steps away from Club Space, E11even and The Corner.  And they have wasted no time trying to make a name for themselves by making delicious cocktails to rival any craft cocktail bar.


With the libations crafted by Curt Carrillo, it’s no wonder that these cocktails are delicious.  It’s a beautiful thing when you can walk into a bar at anytime of night and expect a good, consistent, fresh cocktail.

Head barman, Curt Carrillo

There are no windows, just comfy decor, and a grand piano with its guts carved out to fit in a DJ.  This place has Miami written all over it!  It is like a NY subway married a Miami lounge (does that make sense?).


We couldn’t help ourselves and passed by before the official opening.

A special shout out to FOOQ’s for the delicious bites!


Our favorites:

Moonshine, Fresh Peach Puree, Citrus and Sparkling Soda

Bourbon, Egg Whites, Muddled Cherries and Fresh Lime Juice