Copper 29 on Coral Gables’ Miracle Mile to open this week, and we got the first look!

This week, Coral Gables gets another taste of cocktail culture with the opening of Copper 29.

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As you first walk in to the completely redone space in the former Ticety Iced Tea Bar you are whisked away to a classic looking bar with modern accents.  It is also a great location next to Starbucks on the corner of Miracle Mile and Ponce.  It is also across Hillstone where the bar may get crowded at times.  I am sure Copper 29 will be happy to host these thirsty patrons.

Copper 29 is the brainchild of Eleftherios Kraounakis, also known as Lef in the cocktail community and his partners.

Lef has been creating cocktails throughout Miami in cocktail competitions and placing very high if not winning.  His most recent position was creating cocktails in La Mar at the Mandarin Oriental where he delighted guests with creative cocktails that paired well with La Mar’s delicious cuisine.

Lef creates a beautiful experience right when you walk in with wood accents, and a bar adorned with gorgeous drinking vessels, bar tools and a very limited but exciting list of spirits.

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Copper Twenty Nine and its logo are based on the chemical element copper (Cu) and its atomic number, 29.

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This reflects on the menu which was created by hand to bring out and highlight the scientific aspects of each cocktail.

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The cocktail menu is something that has never been seen in Coral Gables and is sure to wow customers as they explore it.

We got a sneak peek at the cocktails, and here are two of our favorites:

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Lost in Japan
Kai shochu, Mastiha FOS, Coconut matcha powder, fennel seed, yuzu juice, 24k edible golden powder

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Spirited Miami:  A beautiful expression of Lef’s talent.  A very complex cocktail with tangy, herbaceous notes.  The Mastiha, a Greek liqueur which is infused with sap from the Mastic tree and is native to Greece, plays a big part to bring this cocktail together.  The floral notes from the yuzu juice (an asian citrus) add another layer to this elegant cocktail.

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Shrubby Sour
Barsol Pisco Acholado, Guava Puree, Cardamom & Rose Petal Reduction, Lime, Egg White, Blackstrap Bitters

Spirited Miami:  This seems like a nod to Lef’s old stomping ground, La Mar, where he used pisco in the majority of his cocktails.  The guava, cardamom and rose petal create a fruity, floral balance while the egg white adds texture.  We love how the pisco brings a bit of funkiness as well as the blackstrap bitters for the finishing touch.

Copper 29 will be opening there doors this week!  Expect an amazing menu and of course hospitality.  They will also serve small plates just in case you get hungry in between your cocktails.

Copper 29
206 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134