Craft Social Club unveils new menu for the season and it’s delicious!

The folks behind Craft Social Club (CSC) had a vision.  LP Steele and RT Murphy simply wanted to tie in the nightlife on Miami Beach with the growing cocktail culture in the U.S.  Their mantra of course:  “It’s not a nightclub, it’s a cocktail club.”

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While many craft cocktail bars open as a speakeasy or neighborhood bar, LP & RT wanted to introduce proper cocktails to those who wanted to enjoy a nightclub/lounge setting.  They succeeded.

With table service set up with cocktail stations, the days of purchasing a bottle with flat soda and cranberry juice are over.  Here you can expect fresh ingredients table side along with bitters, citrus, fresh local juices and all the fixins’ to create delicious cocktails.   Can’t make a cocktail yet?  The table side staff has got you covered.  Purchased a bottle of Tequila Avión and want a fresh margarita?  Coming right up!

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While table service is not for everyone, CSC also has a proper bar with a choice amount of spirits that are selected by head barman, Ray Tremblay.  Ray also designed the cocktail menu to ensure efficiency and service is always on point.  Base ingredients are combined to ease the stress on each bartender in this high volume setting.  Taking this idea one step further, the team at CSC created a draught system for cocktails.  Looking for a beer on tap?  How about a riff on a Moscow Mule? Pull the handle, add the garnish and you’re ready to go!  Ray ensures that the tap systems are efficient and that each ingredient stays fresh.

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We got a chance to taste some of the cocktails and they were not only delicious, but fun, creative ways to sip on cocktails.

CSC has a cocktail menu and a bottle menu which lets you choose the cocktails you would like served fresh table side.  There are 6 handmade cocktails and 6 on draught.

We got a chance to taste some cocktails, and these are our favorites:

Draught Cocktails

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Violet Beauregarde
Belvedere Vodka, Veuve Clicquot Rich Champagne, House Blueberry Syrup, Giffard Madagascar Vanilla

Ray’s take:  I didn’t want to hide the flavors of the Champagne, it has creamy notes that I wanted to highlight.  The blueberry syrup gives it a bit of tanginess and color.

Spirited Miami:  A refreshing cocktail that makes Champagne the star.  Light and airy, this cocktail is great to start the night.  The vanilla is not overwhelming and is a great accent to the creamy notes of the Veuve Clicquot Rich.

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Daryl Strawberry
Ketel One Vodka, House Crafted Strawberry Ginger beer

Ray’s take:  A riff on a Mule.  Bright cocktail for the summer. Garnished with a strawberry and candied ginger.

Spirited Miami:  Local strawberries, homemade ginger beer and you got yourself a pretty awesome combination.  The strawberry is just right, the ginger is spicy.  Get away from the heat and enjoy one or two of these beauties.  We love a Moscow Mule and this fresh one is perfection!

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Mr. Smiley Face
Vida Mezcal, FOS Greek Mastiha, Aperol, Charred Lemon Juice, Apricot, Grapefruit Bitters, Garnish Dehydrated Lemon

Ray’s take:  The inspiration for this cocktail was the Naked & Famous cocktail from Death & Co. created by Joaquín Simó.  I used Mastiha to bring out herbaceous notes and I also charred lemons on the grill then juiced them.

Spirited Miami:  It’s hard to mess with a modern classic.  Ray honors the libation and adds a different spin on it.  The charred lemon juice give it a more rustic taste that are best friends with the Mezcal.  The Mastiha delicately coats the palate and doesn’t overwhelm the cocktail.  A smoky cocktail that leaves you wanting more.

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Fresno Chili-infused Don Julio Blanco, Agave Nectar, Lime, Orange Bitters

Ray’s take:  One of the original cocktails from CSC.  A spicy variation on a margarita, very tasty and balanced.

Spirited Miami:  This one was spicy!  Very well balanced from sweet to sour with a touch of orange notes that highlight the citrus notes in Don Julio.  This one screams out Miami summers.  And a Wu-Tang garnish!

House Craft’d Cocktails

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Heroes in a Half Shell
Absolut Elyx, Coconut Cucumber Water, Green Tea Cardamom Syrup, Lime Juice, Citrus Bitters, Sea Salt

Ray’s Take:  A fresh, green cocktail.  Coconut Cucumber Water as well as the Green Tea Cardamom Syrup were created in-house.

Spirited Miami:  As fresh as it gets.  Some go work out and go to their local juice joint to get their fix.  We come to CSC to get our green drink.  With a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cup, we are all in on this one.  Delicious, balanced and easy drinking, highlighting Elyx’s mouthfeel.

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Cereal Killer
Afrohead Rum, Grilled Pineapple, Cinnamon Toast infused Coconut Cream, Fresh Squeezed Florida OJ, Cinnamon Cashew Bitters

Ray’s take: We wanted to bring that memorable breakfast experience to the adult world.  I infuse the coconut cream with Cinnamon Toast Crunch to create that leftover milk you have after having a bowl of cereal.  There is also a small serving of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to enjoy as garnish.

Spirited Miami: We got taken way back with this one.  Cinnamon Toast Crunch at the forefront with the Afrohead Rum still showing nicely throughout the cocktail.  The tartness from the OJ and pineapple add some balance to the sweet, cinnamon notes.  Not a heavy cocktail.

Folks, there you have it, a whole new menu and a one of a kind experience in your backyard.  If you are looking to host a big group or can’t choose between bar and nightclub and are looking to have great, fresh cocktails served fast, come to CSC, where the music is always top notch and so are the cocktails!

Craft Social Club
100 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL

Hours of operation:
Tuesday & Wednesday 6 pm – 2 am
Thursday – Saturday 6 pm – 5 am