Elements brings its talents to Habitat at the 1 Hotel in South Beach!

When 1 Hotel South Beach made some changes in 2017 we knew they would be significant.

They brought on Chef José Mendín along with Food Comma Hospitality Group who opened Habitat.  Local ingredients, great service and an awesome vibe.

In the upcoming months, Chef Mendín will be bringing someone of the best chefs in the world for one-of-a-kind pop up events throughout the year.  Another aspect that Chef Mendín never forgets is the bar.  And that’s why he brought some of Mexico’s best to Habitat’s 2nd floor bar.

Elements sits right above Habitat and is serving some gorgeous cocktails and great hospitality.  Brought to you by Peter Sanchez and Moffin Crown, this duo from Mexico plays off the theme throughout Habitat with creative cocktails inspired by the earth.  Peter most recently worked at some of our favorite bars in Mexico including Limantour and Fifty Mils at the Four Seasons in Mexico City.

The menu is split into Water, Earth, Fire, Air & Ether.

Here are our favorites:

Makers Mark, Citric Tepache, Jarabe Especiss, Limon Verde, Damiana

Spirited Miami’s take (SM): A light and refreshing cocktail served in a beautiful conch vessel.  Easy drinking yet complex.

La Frida
Mezcal, Ancho Verde, Limon Verde, Jarabe Nat, Dash Bitter de Naranja

SM’s take:  This is our favorite from the bunch.  The citrus plays perfectly with the Ancho Verde & mezcal.  And hey, its served in a flower pot!

La Semilla
Altos Tequila, Miel Negra, Dry Curazao, Limon Amarillo, Sal Pimiento

SM’s take:  A tasty riff on a margarita made with honey and served with  an edible dirt vessel.  Sip & taste as you go through these complex flavors.

Bacardi Blanco, Dry Curazao, Tuba, Jugo de Limon

SM’s take:  A tiki cocktail Miami-fied.  Not too heavy on the booze, approachable before and after dinner.

There you have it folks, some delicious cocktails to be had with some incredible food as well.  Stop in and enjoy the lounge upstairs before or after dinner!

Elements at Habitat
2395 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL