Is that a flying cucumber? Why yes, yes it is. Hendrick’s Gin is bringing the blimp back to South Florida, June 1st.

Our friends at Hendrick’s Gin our coming back with their infamous flying cucumber and it lands in South Florida on June 1st!  What a way to end the spring season and kick off summer.

The flying cucumber is making its way down to celebrate National Cucumber Day, which is June 14th.

This year, Hendrick’s is celebrating with 44 days of events, amusements and botanically-inspired aerial transport leading up to the June 14th holiday.

You can see a great video here.

The Flying Cucumber has started its coast-to-coast expedition and will make its way down to South Florida, landing at North Perry Airport on May 30-June 1.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.41.05 AM

This flying cucumber measure at 130-foot long, 44-foot tall.

Look out for your industry friends for an invite!