New Menu Alert! Repour at the Albion Hotel

Isaac Grillo, the head honcho at Repour, is at it again.  This time it is a redesign of his cocktail menu.  Isaac has done amazing things with the menu which he created to feel like a home.  All the categories are sections of a house:  garden, pantry, porch, sitting room, living room and guest room.  Isaac has created an inviting comfortable space where you can enjoy cocktails, events and tastings without the stuffiness.  All the cocktails are also fairly priced at $12.

Isaac has added an all-star cast of familiar faces behind the bar while adding Chef Adelle (formerly from Haven) to add some bar bites.  Isaac  mentions that Chef Adelle is an amazing baker and wants to incorporate her baking skills into the bar as well.  Asides from all this, Repour will be holding events for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts throughout the year.

Spirited Miami paid Isaac a visit during pre-shift while Tyler Ridgeway, another one of Repour’s talented bartenders was prepping for the night.

Isaac started us off with:

Some Like It Hot
Ambhar Reposado, Thai guava puree (with habanero and black peppercorn),  chipotle agave, fresh lime, served over ice sphere, with a habanero rubbed salt and pepper guava stick

A great cocktail to start off with as it was light and refreshing, the cocktail had a great creamy texture and both the citrus and guava shined as the chipotle agave help to carry the spirit through.

Isaac then served us something off the menu – a shot of Jameson Black Barrel with an umami-stlye pickleback.  The flavors are incredible together.  This is an option given to anyone that orders a shot of Jameson.  We highly recommend this!

We tried cocktails from every part of the menu but our three favorites are:

Eternal Happy Mess
Partida Reposado, Green Chartreuse, Vida Mezcal, house-made green juice, jalapeño, Repour’s apple bitters, garnished with a crispy salted kale chip

On That Angle
Kappa Pisco, lemon, Corona reduction, egg white, topped off with Corona and 45° written in bitters

Puerto Rican Samurai
Don Q Gold Rum, fresh pressed pineapple and ginger juice, soy reduction, lime, nori rim and Miso Horny bitters

Menu has already launched, stop by and ask for Isaac, tell him we sent you!

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