Pawn Broker at the Langford Hotel is open for business & we got the cocktails to prove it!

The long awaited opening of the historic hotel is finally here and we have to say the architecture, the food, the ambiance and the cocktails are all equally on point.


The Langford Hotel is located at 121 SE 1st Street in the heart of downtown Miami’s financial district. What used to house the Miami National Bank is now a boutique hotel with delicious amenities brought to you by the Pubbelly Boys.  Next to the lobby, there is PB Station, a subway like structure that encases the whole restaurant giving it a sleek 1920’s vibe, which is befitting since the building was built around the mid 20’s.

According to the Langford site, PB Station is:

“A chef-driven, uniquely new American craft eatery with a strong focus on steaks, seafood and locally sourced produce, PB Station is a fun, immersive dining experience. Small plates and snacks designed to share while whole fish, crustaceans and steaks take center stage, prepared over open flames with seasonal fresh sides and salads. Four-time James Beard nominated Chef Jose Mendin infuses American classics with Latin and Argentine flavors, creating flavorful cuisine with a global kick.”

While the food is delicious, we are here for one reason and one reason only, the cocktails!  As we make our way to the main lobby we are welcomed by vintage signs and white marble.  You almost feel like you’re in another city.  The vintage elevators take you up to the top floor where there’s a rooftop bar and lounge.


Welcome to Pawn Broker!  A place for “finger foods” and hand-crafted cocktails brought to you by the Pubbelly Boys and Bar Chef, Derek Stillman.

Derek is a well-seasoned barman with stints at the Broken Shaker as well as 27 Restaurant.  He also worked with the Pubbelly team from 2012-2014.  I am sure they’re glad to have him back.

As you walk into Pawn Broker, you get that vintage feel with glass shelving below the bar meant to look like a pawn shop (vintage items will soon be on the shelves).  As you continue to walk the space, you enter the outdoor area with a breaktaking view of Miami.  This isn’t any regular view of a building next door, you can truly see Miami, and it’s magnificent.  This is what makes it so special.

The menu is inventive, slick and unlike any we have seen here in Miami.  Going with that vintage vibe, the menu talks about history, along with famous quotes and shows its chops with pictures of the vintage glassware your cocktail will be served in.  There will also be “finger foods” to enjoy by Chef Jose Mendin.

Here are our favorite picks on the menu:


American Zombie (For Two)
Templeton Rye, Old Forester, BBQ Spiced Syrup, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Wormwood Bitters, Grapefruit Bitters.  (Piña is smoked with hickory chips)

Spirited Miami (SM):  A refreshing take on a Zombie with whiskey.  This one’s very refreshing and quintessentially Miami.  We love the BBQ spiced syrup complementing the tropical notes as well as the whiskey.  This is one of our favorites out of the bunch.  And hey, you get to drink out of a pineapple!


The Pawnbroker
Old Forester 100 proof infused with apples and cinnamon, Cardamaro, Angostura Bitters

SM: Imagine apples and spice on the nose, and as you continue to sip this 100 proof whiskey, it proves to be the king in the this drink while the apples and cinnamon play the bass line.  A delicious cocktail with beautiful spices balancing out the whiskey.  A great one to start the night on the rooftop.


Don Q, Yellow Chartreuse, in-house Coconut Liqueur, Lime, Mint, Peychaud Bitters

SM:  This one is surely a tip of the hat to Chef Jose Mendin, who is from Puerto Rico.  This tropical cocktail packs a punch with the herbaceous Yellow Chartreuse helping prop up the balanced Caribbean flavors.  The red is the Peychaud Bitters float.  This is a complex cocktail with familiar flavors, feel at home with this cocktail during Miami’s hot summer nights.  A delicious take on a classic swizzle.


Corn Pop Fizz
Troy and Sons Moonshine, Corn Pop Syrup, Lemon Bitters, Citrus, Egg White, Soda

SM:  Yup, you read that right.  Corn Pops.  The same Corn Pops you enjoyed as a troublemaker are back in a fun way, a fizz.  Troy and Sons tout themselves as the first American Moonshine (made from Corn, hence Corn Pops).  Corn is at the front of this cocktail and continues throughout for a long lasting flavor with great texture.  You definitely taste the corn pops and there is even a small pouch just in case you forgot how Corn Pops taste.  A sure winner at Pawnbroker, expect all of downtown to be talking Corn Pops.


Farmers Organic Gin, Forro Infused Dashi Brine, Lemon Bitters, Kyuri Pickles

SM:  This is one of the best takes on a gin martini we’ve had in awhile.  We love how fragrant this cocktail is.  The gin plays a big part with elderflower, coriander and lemongrass botanicals to name a few.  Paired with the Forro infused dashi brine and you have a real big winner here.  The dashi brine enlivens the fifth taste you may or may not know about, umami.   I would enjoy this cocktail first before having dinner in PB Station.  This cocktail was also featured during the Employees Only Pop Up during Sobe Food & Wine.


Langford Special
Ron Zacapa, Troy & Sons, Solbeso Cacao Liquor, Dry Curacao, Antica Vermouth, Mushroom Tincture

SM:  A delicious cocktail playing off the sweeter notes on Ron Zacapa with a bit of moonshine and Solbeso (a cacao fruit based liquor).  Add in some curacao and Antica, and you got yourself a hell of a cocktail.  I love the mushroom tincture in here that gives it a bit of a different finish.  We love how all these ingredients play together.

All in all, we envision special things happening in downtown Miami.  The Langford has a piece of Miami history tucked in its belt and the cocktails at Pawn Broker do it justice.  We cannot wait to see what’s in store throughout the year.  As we know, Pubbelly Boys always have a trick or two up their sleeve.

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