Sin & Sugar brings New Orleans cocktails & fare to Miami Beach!

Miami Beach has changed over the years but one things that is constant is the want and need for a good live music venue.  Sin & Sugar looks to bring that and more with a gorgeous setup, great cocktails and delicious food.

Created by industry veterans Danny Valdéz, Milan Mijatovic, and Yosif Dimitrov, Sin & Sugar is a Storyville era jazz club & cocktail den, with cigars and traditional New Orleans fare.

Live music will be had 5-6 days a week with jazz being the top genre.

Danny Valdéz comes from a long line of musicians and is also a NoLA native.  He is also a tobacconist and barman and it was only a matter of time that these passions merged.

Milan Mijatovic grew up in a European family of brandy distillers and winemakers. Started his career in Atlanta’s legendary jazz nightclub “Dante’s Down The Hatch” and garnered a great reputation opening four innovative concepts in Chicago with some of the pioneers in bartending in the city.   After doing a research on rum and cigar culture in Cuba moved to Miami, where he was fortunate to work along city’s finest at The Regent Cocktail Club.

Yosif Dimitriov managed some of the best nightclubs in Chicago and Miami bringing that expertise to Sin & Sugar.

They will be serving up NoLa classics like the Sazerac, Vieux Carré and even a tropical take on the Pimm’s Cup.

The stunning mural behind the stage is painted  by a local artist that wanted to capture the spirit Louis Armstrong as Baron Samedi/Papa Legba the voodoo loa with a penchant for Cigars & Rum.

It’s a true honor to have Danny Valdéz back in Miami sharing his love for his beloved New Orleans along with Milan and Yosif.  Together they’re building something special in this gorgeous space.

Sin & Sugar is now open for the masses.  Follow them for an update on bands scheduled to perform.

Sin & Sugar
1625 Michigan Avenue
Miami Beach, FL

Sunday 7PM–3AM
Monday Closed “for now”
Tuesday Closed “for now”
Wednesday 7PM–3AM
Thursday 7PM–3AM
Friday 7PM–5AM
Saturday 7PM–5AM