Spirited Miami’s Guide to hosting a summer party

Here in Miami, we love our summers.  They may be humid, but the sun, sand and good eats, go hand in hand with friends.

What better way to kick off the summer with a small guide to elevate your cocktails at home!

We love:

“Bittermilk is a line of cocktail mixers made for cocktail enthusiasts by bartenders with real ingredients. Crafted and bottled by human hands in Charleston, SC. The labor is in the bottle, just add booze.”

Here is one of our favorites:
La Cabra
1 part Tequila
1 part BITTERMILK No. 3

Shake with lots of ice.  Pour into a rocks glass.

Vintage Cooler made by Best Choice Products
We love the functionality and vintage look of this cooler.  The price is right as well.  Use this cooler for all your local brews.

Octopus Bowl from ZGallerie
What is a party without punch?  This bowl from ZGallerie is a remake of a pricier version but does the trick.  Coming in at $169.95, this punch bowl won’t disappoint.  And we’re right by the ocean so it makes sense right?

Punch:  The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl
And what’s a good punch bowl without some guidance.  Punch, written by James Beard Award Winning author, David Wondrich, is an in-depth look at the history of punch.  This book is a must-have for the cocktail enthusiast.

From Amazon:
“Replete with historical anecdotes, expert observations, notes on technique and ingredients, and of course world-class recipes, Punch will take readers on a celebratory journey into the punch bowl that starts with some very lonely British sailors and swells to include a cast of lords and ladies, admirals, kings, presidents, poets, pirates, novelists, spies, and other colorful characters.”


The Craft Cocktail Party:  Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion.
Looking for cocktails for your get together, look no further than Julie Reiner’s best seller, The Craft Cocktail Party:  Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion.

“Recipes are organized around seasonality and occasion, with different events and themes appropriate to the specific time of the year. Each section will include a mixture of holiday-inspired drinks, classic cocktails, and innovative new drinks, all along with fun cocktail lore. Tricks, tips, and techniques–such as batching and infusions, tools of the trade, notes on spirit types, and easy substitutions to utilize what you already have on hand–will round out the amazing amount of information in Reiner’s book.”


Cocktail Kingdom Glassware
We couldn’t pick just one, the array of beautiful glassware and mugs are enough to fill the best cocktail bars.  But don’t be afraid to pick these up for your home.  Cocktail Kingdom has a beautifully curated selection of glassware inspired by the past.

Neat Ice Kit
Need some clarity during your hot summer days?  The Neat Ice Kit can add some.  Created by Studio Neat, the Neat Ice Kit is a must have for clear ice.  An easy way to freeze ice using science to get you clarity.  Tired of cloudy ice?  The Neat Ice Kit uses an insulated mold that freezes the water from the top down, which creates a brick with a clear top half that you can break off and use in cocktails.  Does it take some extra work? Yes, but so does marinating that whole hog!


There you have it folks, a small guide to focus not only on your grilling but your cocktails as well!