The Gra’it Challenge hosts first ever grappa cocktail competition in Miami!

Grappa is something we love here at Spirited Miami.  We usually enjoy it neat after enjoying a fresh dish of pasta.  It makes an excellent digestif and is complex in flavor.

And that’s just it.  You mostly see grappa in Italian restaurants and nowhere else.  Gra’it Grappa looks to change that.  They’re on a mission in the U.S. to change the perception of grappa through education and cocktails.


Gra’it Grappa looks to become the first grappa made to mix.  For those that don’t know, grappa is made up of grape pomaces (skins & seeds) and is fermented and distilled from just that. The term grappa can only be used if the grapes were harvested in Italy.


Gra’it Grappa is made up of pomaces from 7 grape varietals that have been chosen to produce the best grappes that are ultimately united into one blend: Barolo (Nebbiolo), Moscato d’Asti, Aglianico, Brunello (Sangiovese), Prosecco (Glera), Amarone (Corvina), Nero D’Avola.

Gra’it Grappa embraces the notion of alchemy in every piece of the production process.  The inspiration of alchemy shows not only in the liquid but in why Gra’it was produced – to inspire bartenders to mix and create amazing cocktails with grappa.


Georgia Crea, regional winner

At Beaker & Gray, Gra’it held the Gra’it Challenge to inspire bartenders from all over Florida to create grappa cocktails. And they did not disappoint.  The result?  Beautifully created cocktails that told the story of Gra’it through the senses.


Hector Acevedo, regional winner

Ten bartenders competed for three spots in the finals which will be held on June 21 right here in Miami at Byblos!  Fifteen bartenders from all over the United States will complete for a chance to win a flight to Italy to see what inspires Gra’it,  in what will be an unforgettable 10 day journey.

Philip Khandehrish, regional winner

Philip Khandehrish, regional winner

Bartenders from St. Augustine, Naples, West Palm Beach and Miami all shared stories and cocktails with elaborate presentations that wowed the guests.


Competing bartenders

In the end, after the judges deliberation, Philip Khandehrish (AlambiQ), Hector Acevedo (Cocktail Cartel Co.) and Georgia Crea (freelance) took the regional spots and will represent Florida in the finals!  Best of luck to these amazing bartenders.

Judge, Jamie Evans

Gra’it Challenge Judge, Jamie Evans


Gra’it Challenge Final Location TBD.