We’re enjoying this Ford’s Gin Martini on #NationalMartiniDay from Stripsteak!

Happy National Martini Day!  This special day is celebrated on the 19th of June every year.

How do we enjoy our martini?  Simple, a 5:1 ratio does the trick!

At Michael Mina’s  Stripsteak in the Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, this martini is served with pequillo stuffed Castelvetrano olives.  And very important, we like ours stirred!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different olives, or a lemon twist.  Some even enjoy bitters in their martini.

The right way is what makes you happy.  But if you need a guide, Jeffery Morgenthaler, industry veteran and all around cocktail guru,  offers this quick and easy guide on Food Republic.