World famous Purdy Lounge to go smoke free starting today (July 1st)!

Remember when bars and lounges allowed smoking all over town. In July 1st 2003, legislation in Florida was passed to stop this. Exempt were stand alone bars with less than 10% of revenue from food sales.

Purdy Lounge lies under the exempt rule.  After years of allowing smoking, the awesome folks at Purdy Lounge decided to call it quits.  Purdy, which has been open since 2000, is famous for their no cover and cheap cocktails.

We love Purdy Lounge here at Spirited Miami and have been going for years.  But having Purdy Lounge smoke-free makes us want to go a lot more now.

Congrats to the folks at Purdy Lounge for bringing some fresh air to the conversation. Can’t wait to see you there for a cocktail.

Purdy Lounge
1811 Purdy Avenue
Miami Beach, FL