CHARCOAL garden bar + grill shines at Wynwood Yard with badass cocktails & awesome bartenders!

We’re no strangers to Wynwood Yard’s creative programming and concept, so when CHARCOAL garden bar + grill was launched as their first full service restaurant we knew it was going to be good but it is REALLY good!  And the cocktails have the attention and care of some of the best restaurants in Miami.  We snuck in to chat with the staff and what their creative inspirations are to get this unconventional restaurant off the ground.

CHARCOAL garden bar + grill is the brainchild of Ken Lyon, you might remember from the tasty Fratelli Lyon.  This spot is just as delicious with a rotating menu and local seafood and meat that is sure to satisfy any food lover.

Now to the cocktails!  We love the bar team here.  A creative and collaborative group from all over the U.S. (Lily, Mac & Chris).  They’re creating their own infusions, syrups, and even growing herbs which they take from garden to glass.  Look out on Tuesdays as this is their day they create a cocktail lab and play with ingredients.  Stick around and you may get to taste some off-the-menu delights!

Here are our favorites:

gin, hibiscus, lemon, rose water, II IPA float

Spirited Miami’s (SM) take:  We love the balance of aromatics and botanicals from the gin and rose water.  The IPA brings a full sparkling balance to this cocktail with strong citrus notes. Great summer drinking cocktail!

Hennessy VSOP, red cherry reduction, lemon juice

SM’s take:  We love how the cherry reduction highlights the cognac in an elegant way.  A great cocktail to kick off the night while the citrus balances the fresh cherry reduction.

GAD mezcal, green chartruese, luxardo, lemon + cucumber juice

SM’s take:  A riff on a Last Word with a Mezcal kick.  Love the smokiness from the Mezcal and the herbaceous notes from Chartreuse all tied together with fresh cucumber juice.  A strong cocktail that acts like a light sipper.  One of our favorites!

12 year dark rum, cinnamon syrup, bitters

SM’s take:  An awesome spin take on the old-fashioned.  This one is Miami AF with some rum.  Love the cinnamon syrup bringing out the baking spice notes on the rum.  If you love a old-fashioned with whiskey, you’ll love this one!

Tequila, sage-apricot reduction, amaro, lime, spicy salted rim

SM’s take:  Their tasty version of a Margarita.  Easy drinking with a gorgeous sage-apricot reduction that elevates this cocktail.  Easily another favorite.

Stop in with these hours!

Wednesday & Thursday: Dinner 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Friday: Dinner 6:00 pm to midnight

Saturday: Dinner 5:00 pm to midnight

Sunday: 5:00 pm to 10:30 p.m.

Bar opens at 4 p.m. Wednesday – Sunday

Charcoal garden + grill
82 NW 29th St
Miami, FL 33127