Miami’s own Filthy Food partners with Coastal Pacific Wine & Spirits on a 29 state deal. Garnish lovers rejoice!

Here at Spirited Miami, we’re no stranger to the finer things in life (cocktails that is!).  That being said, a cocktail is a beautiful symphony that takes time, effort and sometimes ends with a wonderful garnish.  Filthy Food has been at the forefront of making sure your premium cocktail has a premium garnish.  Our friend, Filthy Daniel, had a vision of making garnishes specifically for cocktails, and now, Filthy Food is the only line of garnishes made for specifically for spirits.  Daniel realized that garnishes, like olives, were of poor quality, oily and salty, so he set out to change the garnish world.

“Filthy is the new benchmark in the garnish game.” -John Lermayer, Sweet Liberty

Wanting to make a difference, brothers Marc & Daniel Singer, left no stone unturned when researching olives exploring hundreds of different varieties to land on, what Filthy Food considers, the industry standard.

Now Filthy Food will be partnering with Coastal Pacific Wine & Spirits, a division of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Now bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts nationwide will have access to Filthy Food’s premium garnishes!

Hats off to Filthy Daniel and the team at Filthy Food for all their hard work and commitment to cocktail culture locally and beyond!  Looking forward to having a Filthy Martini in Alaska!

A Filthy Manhattan with the Filthy Black Cherry

Filthy Food can be bought at your local wine & spirit purveyors or online here.