Taurus Beer & Whisk(e)y House in Coconut Grove is not your regular neighborhood bar!

If you’re a true local, Taurus Beer & Whisk(e)y is not a foreign name to you.  Coconut Grove has been home to Taurus (at least different versions of it, this one is est. at 1969), since 1919.  And through all the changes, one thing stands true, the people behind Taurus care about their customers.  It’s not just serving a cocktail, it’s serving it with a bit of knowledge and education.  One big change:  Taurus adding Beer & Whisk(e)y house to their name.

And that’s whats being served at Taurus.  Coconut Grove residents, known as Grovites, frequent Taurus as their neighborhood bar.

“This is our home away from home.” said one patron.

We had the opportunity to sit down with our dear friend, Felipe Ojeda (Bar Manager) who explained what made Taurus different.

“We have over 100 different whiskies from all around the world.” says Flip.  

He also mentions that the vision for the bar were the small neighborhood bars all over New York City; a nice selection, a curated cocktail menu and some bites to keep you in your seat for an extended amount of time.

When you walk into Taurus, you get a “feel-at-home” vibe that is unlike any other in Coconut Grove.  Lined up at the bar, are Grovites, some drinking whisky and others local beers curated by Felipe. He is also the creator of the cocktail menu which features classics as well as his own creations.  We had an opportunity to taste the Peach Sour (Peach-infused Bourbon, Citrus and Simple Syrup), for this he uses dehydrated peaches from California, which are then infused into Old Forester.  He lets this sit for three days.  There are also other infusions for the folks that want to explore fresh cocktails.  Cocktails are also served with a large ice cube as well.

“Not everyone drinks whisky on the rocks, the cocktail menu offers a different option.”

Besides the great cocktails, bites and selection, on every last Wednesday of the month, Felipe hosts Whisk(e)y Revelry, which we got a taste of.  This is a 5 course educational whisk(e)y tasting, limited to 20 people (groups are welcomed).  Each seat is $50.oo and included light bites to keep you going. And we tried the bites, the food is some of the best in Coconut Grove!

Coming soon, Taurus will be launching the Whisky Ambassador’s Guild.  You will be equipped with a leather passport. In the passport, different trails lead you to whiskies around the world.  As you explore the world of whisk(e)y, you get a stamp, once complete, you will be immortalized with a plaque on the wall of Taurus Beer & Whisk(e)y!

We also love the way they distinguish regions behind the bar, with antique faucet handles.  This can be seen all over the bar to make sure you know what region you’re pulling from!  From the common to the rarest, you will see a handle on it.

They may not have a lot of space to collect thousands of bottles, but like Felipe says, “It’s not the amount of bottles, it’s the type of bottles.”  Felipe compares the bar to a museum, where he curates the selection for his guests.  He carries and seeks new and unique styles to keep the guests on their toes.  “Hard-to-find and under appreciated is what I look for.”, he adds.

“As a true whisk(e)y house, we want to carry forgotten bottles.”

Join local Grovites 7 days a week at Coconut Grove’s best neighborhood bar.

Taurus Beer & Whisk(e)y House
3540 Main Hwy C103
Miami, FL 33133