The Local Craft Food & Drink’s Will Thompson launches new summer cocktail menu for the thirsty folks in Coral Gables!

If you’re in Coral Gables and want a beautifully made cocktail, The Local Craft Food & Drink should be your first stop.

Will Thompson (formerly 27’s manager) with his main collaborator & apprentice, Mikey Albuerne,  have decidedly gone away from slinging drinks in Coral Gables to bringing craft beers and carefully crafted cocktails for locals to enjoy.

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Along with a creative food menu which includes beef jerky thats made in-house (our favorite), this place has no shortage of bar snacks to go with your cocktail.  You will notice some nods to classics and some cocktails named after old hip hop tracks with a twist.  Cocktails are meant to compliment Chef/Owner Phil Bryant’s housemade Southern cuisine.

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We had an opportunity to sit down with Will and Mikey to chat about the menu. Will mentions that everything , “begins by making most they can in-house.” Everything from the shrubs to the botanical mango reduction, no stone was left unturned.  We stopped by a second time yesterday and Mikey was at his test kitchen creating more syrups (they don’t stop!). What your left with is a delicious, refreshing cocktail menu, meant for all to enjoy.

Drinks are moderately priced at $13 a pop.

This menu went live this month!  

Here are our favorites:

Don Remedio

Don Remedio

Don Julio Reposado Tequila, Averna Amaro, Fresh Lemon Juice, Honey Ginger, Serrano Bitters, Vida Mezcal Rinse and The Local’s homemade BBQ Spice on the lip

Spirited Miami’s Take:  A tequila version of a Penicillin.  Refreshing and spicy, the bbq rim (also used on the beef jerky) plays such an important part and brings the whole cocktail together.  Averna gives this drink some funkiness.  The dehydrated lemon wheel is a nice treat at the end as well.

Caribbean Vieux

Caribbean Vieux

High West Double Rye, Afrohead Aged Rum, OF Aged Grappa, Cocchi di Torino, Yellow Chartreuse, Disaronno, Barrel Aged Aromatic Bitters, Fresh Citrus

Spirited Miami’s Take:  A beautiful, “Miami” variation on the Vieux Carre.  Tiki meets Nola meets Miami in this beautiful strong cocktail.  With 6 different spirits, this one packs a punch.  Not for the faint of heart, but a lot more easy drinking than it reads.

Sunshine State of Mind

Sunshine State of Mind

Montelobos Mezcal, Spiced Peppercorn Botanical Mango Reduction, Green Chartreuse, Lime Juice, Hint of mint

Spirited Miami’s Take:  Well, it’s mango season and we need to do something with all those excess mangos.  Expect one of the best and most complex mango tasting cocktails in Miami without losing the charm of fresh mango.  These mangos are locally sourced and the reduction was created by Mikey for a cocktail competition and it’s now in this cocktail.  The reduction includes:  juniper berries, almonds, coriander, black peppercorn, lemon peels.  The Green Chartreuse is a great compliment to Montelobos earthy notes.  Mint is not overwhelming as it is lightly tapped at the beginning to release aroma.

Baby, I Got Your Honey

Baby, I Got Your Honey

Hendrick’s Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, Toasted Lavender Honey, Cucumber, Egg Whites

Spirited Miami’s Take:  A delicious take on a Bees Knees.  One of the best sellers on the menu.  Don’t let the egg white scare you, it’s just there for texture!  The toasted lavender is a perfect compliment to the honey and powers through the egg white.  A delicious delicate cocktail.

What's the Difference Between Me & Vieux

What’s the Difference Between Me & Vieux

Afrohead Aged Rum, OF Aged Grappa, Cocchi Di Torino, Yellow Chartreuse, Barrel Aged Aromatic Bitters

Spirited Miami’s Take:  According to Will, this variation of the Vieux Carre inspired the Caribbean.  A beautiful evolution!  Delicious and packs a punch and of course finished with a delicious Filthy Cherry.

Happy Hour includes a specially priced Weekly Punch ($8), available daily from 4-7 p.m., along with half-priced draft beers, house wines and select cocktails and a Dealers Choice drink wherein guests can choose the glassware, base spirit, and flavor profile for a custom cocktail on the fly for a special discounted price.

The Local Craft Food & Drink
15o Giralda Ave.
Coral Gables, FL