The Pineapple Awards Best Restaurant Bar, KYU, shows us their new cocktail menu & it’s stunning!

When you drive up to KYU you know you’re getting to something special.  Located in Wynwood’s graffiti lined streets is one of Miami’s best restaurants.  From the food to the service to the cocktails, KYU has it all.  We had a chat with some of our favorite bartenders (James MacInnes and the KYU Team) there and the cocktail menu is badass.

The menu is separated by classics (which are favorites from the old menu), yummy & light (aperitivo style cocktails), boozy AF (stirred cocktails) and mind blown (creative cocktails).

Here are our favorites:

Strawberry-jasmine infused Brugal, Sōtō Sake, grapefruit, rosé wine with Chinese Bitters

Spirited Miami’s (SM) Take :  Easy like Sunday morning but a lot more complex than a sangria.  This is great for brunch or even before dinner.  Floral without going overboard.

Bombay Dry, oolong infused Dolin Blanc and saffron bitters.  50/50

SM’s Take:  You like a good martini?  Like them 50/50?  A perfect symphony between Bombay’s botanicals & the oolong infused Dolin.  I’ll be back for this one.

Bulleit Bourbon, Amaro Montenegro & Punt e Mes infused with rosemary, vanilla, lemon & orange zest

SM’s take:  Love me some Bourbon.  But you’re adding Montenegro & Punt e Mes?  You have a friend for life.  Balanced with nuances of vanilla and citrus playing perfectly off the Bourbon.

Famous Grouse, Zacapa 23, St. Elizabeth All Spice Dram, roasted walnut orgeat & upcycled citrus

SM’s take:  This is tiki done the Miami way.  Balanced with nutty orgeat, whisky & rum.  The upcycled citrus is done their way and brings out bitter citrusy notes that do not overtake the cocktail.

Smoked Duck Jus & Remy Martin 1738


SM’s take:  UMAMI!  Sip and sip, this is an incredible, decadent pairing.  A must try on a different way to approach a cocktail.

By the way, don’t forget their happy hour with great cocktails & bar bites.  Tuesday through Saturday, 4:30-7:30PM.

251 NW 25th Street
Miami, FL