The Miami USBG’s, Shaking for Puerto Rico, raises $30k for the victims of Hurricane Maria.

If you know a bartender or someone in the spirits industry you know how passionate they are about cocktails, but they’re even more passionate about the world around them.

This is why Shaking For _______ was started.  When a disaster strikes, the Miami USBG fills in the blanks. In this case, Shaking For Puerto Rico. What started out as an event for the victims of Hurricane Irma eventually led to this initiative; for the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Yoly Báez, Courtesy of Rebecca Quiñonez

Miami USBG’s first benefit (Miami to the Rescue) for hurricane victims of Irma in the Florida Keys and Cuba raised over $15k and was planned in a week. The United States Bartender Guild’s Miami Chapter (Miami USBG) has continued their commitment to raise money for others in event of natural disasters and beyond.

As of today, more than 50% of the population of Puerto Rico still does not have power and electricity comes and goes. Many do not have access to basic supplies and others are in dire need of medical help.

Last week, Shaking For, held their first event for the hurricane victims of Maria in Puerto Rico at The Anderson. With sponsorship, raffle and ticket sales, Shaking For Puerto Rico raised over $30k in support of our neighbors!  The Miami USBG reached out to Milton Souto from Island People Recovery, as well as Cosa Nostra which will receive the funds.

Carla Rivera & Jim Beam team. Courtesy of Rebecca Quiñonez.

The Miami USBG will also be funding bartenders to head to Puerto Rico for a follow up benefit where they will bartend alongside their Puerto Rican counterparts to raise even more money.

Cocktails! Courtesy of Sarah Sebastian.

Miami’s event was attended by over 200 people in the hospitality community. Chef Mike Beltran (Ariete), Chef Jimmy Lebron (27 Restaurant), and Chef Cleo (Shelley’s) provided guests with delicious Puerto Rican style bites with a touch of Miami Sazón that all were raving about. Feel free to stop in and thank the Chefs by heading over to their restaurants!

Eaaattts! Courtesy of Joanna Peña.

Maestro Julio Cabrera, alongside Cocktail Cartel’s Hector Acevedo provided some Don Q Daiquiris alongside some flair on Julio’s Daiquiri Truck that was parked alongside the event.

Maestro Julio Cabrera & family, Courtesy of Rebecca Quiñonez

Bartenders Carla Rivera, Yoly Báez, Hector Acevedo, Eddie Fuentes and award-winning flair bartender Manny Picon Delgado were behind the stick serving up some incredible cocktails and smiles.

All in all, the benefit was a huge success. From this disaster, Shaking For _______ was formed, which is now the heart beat of good causes for the USBG Miami. What better way to kick off the New Year then a feel good story like this. Go out and support your bartenders and thank them!

Big ups to the badass sponsors who made this happen. Thank you to: Title Sponsor Don Q, Hennessy, along with Jamie Evans, providing hand-rolled cigars and Sazeracs, Beam Suntory, for bringing in La Caja China, prepared by Ms. Cheezious, Ariete, Shelley’s and 27 Restaurant for the awesome bites.

DO YOU WANT TO HELP? There are still really cool Shaking For Puerto Rico limited edition t-shirts still available which would make a great gift. Contact us and we’ll lead you in the right direction!